John's Ancestors ?

Synopsis courtesy of
Harriet Imrey

It is virtually certain that the parents of John S. Savage are John Savage(II) and Elizabeth Nail
(matches all documents, censuses, and all reasonably-plausible hypotheses about "how he could have met a Gilaspy girl from Rock Creek"). But that merely moves the
question back one generation: who was the father of John Savage II of Ninety
Six? It was most documentably not John I or Samuel! You'll see what I mean
after flipping through the documents. "Somebody" was the father of John II,
but it wasn't the John I he was living with in the 1760's. Sounds like a
nephew to me, but whose son was he? William-of-Charleston? Somebody in Boston
or at the Savage merchant outpost in Bermuda? Maybe one of the mariner
Savages stationed in Wilmington NC? Those guys posted relatives wherever there
was a buck to be made, and there was big business in furs at the Ninety
Six trading post after the end of the Cherokee Wars in 1763. John Savage I and John Savage II were J.P.'s, as was John S. Savage in GA.
That was a very prestigious (and lucrative) role then, sort of like being a
Circuit Court Judge. They needed to be both well respected and well connected
to get that type of appointment. The position had a strong tendency to run
in families. Harriet Imrey Search for John's ancestors

Savages of Ninety-Six, SC

Introduction: The Savages of New England, Bermuda and old Charles Town SC Most?but perhaps not all?of the Savages of Charleston during the 18th century were descended from Thomas Savage who sailed from London on the ship Planter and arrived in Boston in April 1635. He was born in 1608 in Tauton, County Somerset. In 1637, he married Faith Hutchinson, and he second-married Mary Symmes in 1652. The first son of Thomas Savage and Faith Hutchinson was Habijah Savage (12 Aug 1638 ? 1669), who married Hannah Tyng on 8 May 1661. Their son Thomas (17 Aug 1664 ? 3 Mar 1721) was the father of the "Charlestown Savages". His wife was Mehitable Phillips. This Thomas had three surviving sons. Habijah Savage died in Norfolk VA prior to 1750, leaving two daughters. Benjamin Savage died in Charleston in 1750, and left no children. Thomas (b. 20 Jan 1692/3 in Boston) died in Bermuda after 1750. He had five sons by Elizabeth Fowle, all of whom were residents of Charleston SC beginning in ~1735. They were John (b. 4 Nov 1715 in Bermuda, married Anne Scott, widow of John Allen, in 1749, died in London as a Loyalist refugee); Benjamin (b. 6 Jul 1722 in Bermuda, d. 1753 in Charleston); Ephraim (b. 15 Aug 1728 in Bermuda); Jeremiah (b. 25 Apr 1734 in Bermuda, died in London as a Loyalist refugee); and Thomas (b. 18 Sep 1738 in Bermuda, Whig Colonel of the Revolutionary War). This particular branch of the New England Savages named no sons Samuel or William, but both names were recurring ones among their Boston cousins. [See James Savage, Genealogical Dictionary of New England (1860).] The connections among the three presumed Savage brothers (William, John and Samuel) are strong ones: they are first attested in SC during the 1760's, they acquire lands on near-adjacent properties on Ninety Six Creek of the Saluda, they are of similar ages (given dates of marriages), they execute several documents in common, and they all marry heiresses. John Savage and Samuel Savage had their initial residences on the frontier, along the Saluda River, where William Savage acquired his first land-grant (but maintained his residence and place of business in Charleston). There are several reasons to believe that William was a near-relation of the Savage brothers from New England via Bermuda. They were all in the same business (merchants and shipowners), signed documents with the same people, and had the same in-laws. They owned residences on the same blocks of the same streets (Broad, Church and Savage Streets and Bedon's Alley) in the heart of old Charlestown. They were all members of the same church (the "Circular Church", a Presbyterian/Congregationalist one founded by 1690, rebuilt in 1732). While there were passing references in the 1740's in Charleston to a "William Savage, vintner" and a "William Savage, mariner", the first reference that is clearly to this particular William Savage is his 1760 marriage to the most-eligible heiress in the Province, and perhaps in all the American colonies. After which, his name began appearing many times annually on deeds, court cases, wills, land grants, etc. The difference between "no documents" during the 1750's and "many dozens of documents" during the 1760's is a very striking one. This is difficult to explain unless he were a recent arrival (from Boston?) with extremely-strong business and/or familial connections to the other Savages of Charleston. 1 May 1760. William Savage married Martha Holmes 2 Jul 1737 ? 5 Aug 1824) in St. Phillip's Church, Charleston. Martha's father was the Hon. Isaac Holmes (b. 1 Jan 1701/2 in Boston, Suffolk Co MS); her mother was Elizabeth Peronneau (b. 1704 in SC, d. 21 Mar 1773 in Charleston). They had married on 19 Jan 1723/4 in St. Phillip's Church in Charleston. Elizabeth Peronneau's father was Henri Peronneau, b. 28 May 1667 in New Rochelle, France, early Huguenot emigrant to SC. 9 & 10 Dec 1763, L&R. SC Deed Book C-3, p. 506. James Johnson & Sarah his wife, to Isaac Ramsay, both of Berkley Co., for £44:10:0 currency, 100 a. in Berkeley Co., on Ninety Six Creek, a branch of Saludy River; bounding on all sides on vacant land. Witnesses: Robert Gowedy, John Savage, J.P. Recorded 5 Jan 1765 by Fenwicke Bull, Register. ~1764 (?). John Savage, "storekeeper of 96", married Anne Gaillard. She was the eldest child of Tacitus Gaillard and Anne Legrant, who married in/by Jun 1746. Daughter Anne was "probably" born in ~1747. Her father's will states that she was aged 42 in 1786, so born in 1744, which seems unlikely. Huguenot heiresses sometimes married young, at age 13-15, so a marriage before 1764 is possible. John Savage had three additional household members when he applied for a 250-acre headright grant in Oct 1766. One was John Savage II (not his son, but a resident of his household per later documentation). The other two "may" have been wife Anne Gaillard and their older daughter Anne (birthdate unknown). The sole heir of John Savage I and of Anne Gaillard Savage was daughter Mary (b. 1770), per numerous documents from the Natchez Court Records and Edgefield SC Deed Books. Col. John Savage I (of Ninety Six and Orangeburgh) had no surviving sons. 29 Nov 1764. SC Deed Book E-4, pp. 35-7. James Mayson, of Berkeley Col, to Thomas Lyston, John Benfield, & Maurice Jones, for £1000 currency, 400 a. on the waters of Ninety Six?Before John Savage, J.P., 30 Nov 1764?. 3 Jun 1766. Petition for land to SC Council. William Savage 200 Between Savannah & Saludy [size of the grant implies that William Savage and Martha Holmes (married in 1760) had had a single child by Jun 1766] 12 Jun 1766: Plat for 200 acres, William Savage, on Ninety Six Creek in Colleton County 29 Oct 1766: Grant, " 28 Nov 1766: Memorial, " (adjacent to Samuel Thomas) 17 Sep 1766, Mortgage. SC Deed Book R-3, pp. 282-5. Patrick (his mark) Troy, planter, to Robert Goudey & John Savage, merchants, of Ninety-Six, for 500 years, for £200 currency, 200 a. on S side Saluda River, near the Island Ford, granted Patrick Kelly? [Robert Goudy was the most prominent of the Licensed Indian Traders with the Cherokee from the 1740's, with trading posts at Tellico (currently in TN) and at the Ninety Six settlement. Most of the traders suffered financial reverses during the Cherokee Wars of 1759-62. A scalping-party burned Goudy's home at 96 and kidnapped his son, but returned him unharmed. Note the sequence of events: John Savage is a J.P. at the trading outpost at Ninety Six by 1763; William Savage acquires land there (but does not reside there) in Jun 1766; John Savage is a merchant in partnership with Robert Goudy by Sep 1766; and John Savage applies for his own land grant at that location in Oct 1766. The potentially-lucrative fur trade apparently acquired an active partner?implying an investment by a Charleston merchant?shortly after the Cherokee were defeated. 7 Oct 1766. Petition for land to SC Council. John Savage (of Ninety Six) 250 above Ninety Six 4 Apr 1767, Conveyance. SC Deed Book L-3, p. 304. Isaac Pitchlynn, Esq., of Colleton Co., & Jemima his wife, to John Heart, for £275 currency, 562 a. Whereas George II granted William Livingstone & his associates a certain tract of land, & Livingstone conveyed part of 25,000 a. to John Hamilton, who by L&R dated 28 & 29 Nov 1755 sold to William Simpson & Elizabeth his wife; & whereas a part of the original tract has come down to Isaac Pitchlynn & Jemima his wife; now they sell 562 acres of Coronoco [Coronaca] Creek, a branch of Saluda River; known as Bullock Fenn or No. 22. Witnesses: James Mayson, John McKibbens, James Jones. Before John Savage, J.P. 21 & 22 Jul 1767, L&R. SC Deed Book I-3, p. 11. Dr. John Murray, physician, of Charleston, & the Rt. Hon. Lady Ann Murray, his spouse, to John Savage, Esq., of Ninety-Six, in Colleton, SC, for £200 currency, 400 a. above Ninety Six, bounding SE on Robert Goudey; other sides on John Murray; as by plat of survey by John Caldwell, D.S., dated 2 July 1767; being part of lands of the Great Survey No. 1 conveyed by John Hamilton to John Murray?. 5 & 6 Apr 1767, L&R. SC Deed Book H-3, p. 532. William Turk, planter, to John Savage, storekeeper, of Ninety-Six, SC for £200 currency, 450 a. on S branch of Santee River called Saluda River, bounding E on Daniel Burnet (called Saluda Old Town); S & W on vacant land; granted 12 June 1751 to John Turk, father of William, who bequeathed the land to William?.Before James Mayson, J.P?. 16 & 17 Oct 1767, L&R. SC Deed Book H-3, p. 187. John Foster, planter, & Agness (her mark) his wife, to John Savage, storekeeper, for £100 currency, 100 a. in Berkeley Col, granted 17 Apr 1764 by Gov. Thomas Boone to Carherine Miller?bounding SE on unknown and vacant land; N & NE on Saludy River; other sides on vacant land?. 27 & 28 Jan 1768, L&R. SC Deed Book I-3, p. 388. William (his mark) Cathey, planter of NC, son & heir of Andrew Carthey, to John Savage, storekeeper, of Ninety Six, SC, for £200 currency, 400 a. on Ninety Six Mile Creek, in Berkeley Col, granted 3 Apr 1754 to Andrew Carthey; bounding on all sides on vacant land?. 4 Jul 1768, Memorials (p. 499): John Duly, 100 ac. In Colleton Col. On a small branch of 96 Creek bounded NE by Patrick Duly, NW by Samuel Thomas [adjacent to land of William Savage], SW by John Savage "(of 96)" and other sides vacant? William Davis, 500 ac. In Colleton Co. on a branch of 96 Creek, waters of Saludy, and a small branch of Cuffee Town Creek, waters of Savannah bounded NE by land laid out to Thomas Murphy?William Anderson, D.S., for the Memorialist John Savage. [significance: places J.P. John Savage adjacent to the homes of people whose Dec 1767 deed the younger John Savage would recall in 1793 that he could testify to the signatures; see below.] 12 Aug 1768, Release. SC Deed Book O-3, pp. 457-60. William Davis, gentleman, & Mary his wife, to John Savage, store keeper, of Ninety Six, SC, for £200 currency, 500 a. in Colleton Co., on a branch of Ninety Six Creek, waters of Saludy River, & a small branch of Cuffee Town Creek, waters of Savannah River; bounding NE on Thomas Murphy; NW on John McClure & vacant land; other sides on vacant land?. 2 & 3 Sep 1768, L&R. SC Deed Book L-3, p. 308. John Heard, Jr., gunsmith, of Colleton Co., & Lydia, his wife, to John Heard, Sr., blacksmith, for £300 currency, 562 acres?.Before John Savage, J.P. 2 Dec 1768, Release. SC Deed Book O-3, pp. 468-72. John Foster, planter, & Agnes (her mark) his wife, to John Savage, storekeeper, of Ninety Six, for £150 currency, 150 a. in Craven Co.; bounding E on Long Lick Creek; S on Reedy Creek; other sides on vacant land; granted 15 July 1768 to John Foster. Witnesses: Samuel Savage, David Cunningham, Mary (her mark) Beal. Before James Mayson, J.P., on 24 Dec 1768. 9 Mar 1769. Edgefield Deed Book 10, pp. 268-74. Moses Yarborough & Ann, is wife of Beach Hill in the province to Mackerness Goode of Ninety Six for 5 pounds, sold 250 acres surveyed by John Caldwell, D.S. 5 Feb 1768 & granted 15 Jul 1768 unto Moses Yarborough in Berkley Co SC on Little River adj. NE by Richard Robertson, SW by William McLaughlin; S by Samuel Caldwell & SE by William Bailey. S/ Moses Yarborough, Ann (X) Yarborough. Wit: George Burns, William Martin, Samuel Ramsey, who swore by oath 26 Aug 1769 before John Savage, J.P. of Colleton Co SC. 6 Jun 1769. Petition to certify plat John Savage (of 96) 250 [Berkley County, Surveyd for] Thos Lemar 22 Aug 1769. SC Will Book RR, p. 480. Will of Elizabeth Thomas, her mark, "of 96". Son: James Jones. Grandson: John Hawkins, my plantation on Ninety [Six] Creek, land at Half Way Swamp. Exors: John Savage, "Merchant on 96"; Andrew Logan, Sr. 8 Nov 1769. SC Council Journal: "On Hearing a Caveate enterd by Thomas Shiles against a Grants passing to John Savage of Ninety Six for 250 Acres on Little Saludy. Ordered that the Caveate be dismist." 4 Jan 1770, Release. SC Deed Book T-3, pp. 128-31. Balter Shaffet, tailor (Dutchman), of Charleston, to Benjamin Duborrow, of Ninety Six?Before John Savage, J.P. 29 & 30 Apr 1771, L&R. SC Deed Book P-4, 461-4. John Savage of Ninety Six, Storekeeper, to Tacitus Gaillard [his father-in-law] of Parish of St. Matthew, planter, for £300 SC money, 400 acres on Ninety Six Mile Creek in Colaton County formerly called Berkley County, granted 3 Apr 1754 to Andrew Carthey? 19 & 20 Aug 1771, L&R. Newberry (SC) Deed Book B, 179-181. Tacitus Gaillard of Berkley County, SC, planter, to Benjamin Moore of Craven County, SC, planter, for £200 SC money, 200 acres on a branch of Mudlick called Pages Creek adj. Benjamin Farrar, granted to Isaac Porcher 2 May 1770. Tacit's Gaillard (Seal). Wit: Ann Savage, Moses Price. Proved 3 Feb 1772 by the oath of Moses Price before John Savage, J.P. Recorded 12 Sept 1792. 9 & 10 Feb 1772, L&R. SC Deed Book G-4, 460-4. Moses Yarborough & Francis his wife of Berkley County, SC, to John Williams of 96, planter, for £800 SC money, 300 acres on a small branch of 96 Creek in Berkley County, adj. land held by John Savage of 96, one Mackintosh. Moses Yarborough (LS), Francis Yarborough (+), Wit: Hugh Mack Good, Saml Williams (S). Proved in 96 District before Champness Terry, J.P., by the oath of Mackernnas Good, 8 Feb 1773. Recorded 14 Jan 1774. [Yarborough, the next-door neighbor of J.P. John Savage of 96, would die later in 1772; his widow Frances Foote next-married Samuel Savage (resident of Laurens Co.) and he moved to Edgefield Co after 1775.] 19 Jun 1772, Release. SC Deed Book E-4, pp. 5-9. Lewis Linder, surveyor, of Orangeburgh, Berkeley Co., & Ann his wife, to Peter Manigault, barrister-at-law, of Charleston?part of 400 a. in St. Mathews Parish?Witnesses: Ann Gaillard [mother-in-law of John Savage], John Higgins, Moses Price. Before John Savage, J.P. 11 Nov 1772, L&R. SC Deed Book C-4, pp. 333-8. Timothy Dargan, Jeremiah Dargan, & Dorcas Milner, planters, of St. Matthews Parish, to Herman Rush, inn-keeper, for £200 currency, 247 a. in Amelia Township?Before John Savage, J.P. [Documents that J.P. John Savage had relocated from Ninety Six to St. Matthews Parish by mid-1772, where he purchased land adjacent to that of his father-in-law Tacitus Gaillard.] 25 Nov 1772. SC Will Book SS, p. 341. Will of Elizabeth Holmes, Charles Town, widow of Isaac Holmes, the elder, Esq., deceased. Son: Isaac, deceased. Daus: Rebecca; Elizabeth Brailsford, wife of Samuel Brailsford, Esq.; Ann Mathews; Sarah Stoutenburgh, wife of Luke Stoutenburgh, Esq.; Susanna Bee, deceased; Martha Savaage, wife of Mr. William Savage, merchant. Grandchildren: Isaac and John Bee, William and Elizabeth Holmes, under 21 years and unmarried?.children of dau. Elizabeth Brailsford; children of dau. Ann Mathews; children of dau. Susanna Bee; Children of dau. Martha Savage [note the plural]; all grandchildren under 21 years. Exors: 4 sons-in-law Samuel Brailsford, Luke Stoutenburg, Thomas Bee, Esq., and Mr. William Savage. Proven 2 Apr 1773. 1773-4. Samuel Savage married Frances Foote, b. ~1745 in VA. She was the daughter of George Foote (b. 1706 in Stafford Co VA) and Frances Berryman (b. Westmoreland Co VA). She had first-married Capt. Francis Moore on 2 Apr 1764 in Fauquier Co VA, and had three minor children when Moore died in Laurens Co SC in 1771. She had second-married Moses Yarborough by 3 Jun 1771, when the Moore will was proven and when she qualified as executrix of the Moore estate. She and Moses Yarborough had a son in Mar 1772, he had three children by his previous wife Ann. He died on 2 Oct 1772 "at 3 o'clock in the morning." Frances third-married Samuel Savage in 1773-4. At the time, she had 3 minor Moore children (Behethland Foote, William and George B(erryman), 3 minor Yarborough step-children (Elizabeth, Ann and William, for whom she'd been appointed guardian), and her son Gilson Yarborough. After 1773, she became the mother of Samuel, Frances, and Elizabeth Savage. It seems unlikely that Samuel Savage had not had an earlier wife and previous children, before marrying a 30-year-old widow with 7 minor children. However, there is no SC documentation that Frances was not his first wife, and she may have been. 8 Mar 1773, Mortgage. SC Deed Book E-4, pp. 384-7. Haswell Miles, blacksmith, of St. Matthews Parish, to Thomas Curtis, planter, for £200 currency, 220 a. in St. Mathews Parish?Witnesses: John Savage, Samuel Savage. Before John Savage, J.P?. [Note that the witness is the younger John, since a J.P. could not be a witness before himself!] 7 Jun 1774. Petition for land to SC Council. John Savage of Ninety Six 130 in Colleton County 28 Dec 1774. Memorial [13-184:6] John Savage; 130 acres in Colleton County. Bounded NE on Rogenill Kinney and John McClure; SW on said Savage, John Walker and Bounty Land; SE on said Savage. Survey certified 8 June 1774; granted 8 July 1774. Quit rent in 2 years. Delivered 1 May 1775 to John Armstrong. 13 Feb 1775. S.C. Gazette. Members of the Committee for Effectually carrying into execution the Continental Association. Members for St. Matthews Parish (Orangeburgh SC) included Col. Tacitus Gaillard and Col. John Savage (his son-in-law); members for Saxegotha included Benjamin Farrar (also son-in-law of Gaillard). 16 Apr 1775. Memorial [13-459:2] Barbara Male [sic: Nail]: 50 acres in Granville County on Rocky Creek, waters of Horns Creek. Bounded NE and NW owner unknown; SW on Robert Mosley. Also 50 acres in Craven County, 96 District on cane Creek, waters of NE side of Saludy River. Bounded SE on James Chappell; NE on John Savage; NW on John Chesnutt; SW on Michael Finney and said creek. Both surveys certified 21 Sept. 1774; granted 14 Oct 1774. Quit rent in 10 years. David Cunningham, DS. [Significance: Barbara's daughter Elizabeth, b. ~1771, would marry the younger John Savage in 1789.] Jun 1775. Members of District Committee of the First Provincial Congress, District between the Broad and Saluda, included Capt. Samuel Savage. [Shows that he was still a resident of Laurens Co on the north side of the Saluda River, would move to Saluda Old Town later during the war.] 16 Sep 1775. Maj. Andrew Williamson's force of 562 men engaged the 1900-man unit of Loyalist Capt. Patrick Cunningham at Ninety Six. Williamson had constructed a fort near Ninety Six jail on the plantation of Col. John Savage. This was the first armed engagement of the Revolutionary War outside of New England. Col. John Savage was a resident of St. Matthew's Parish/Orangeburgh by that time, where he held a J.P. appointment and was a Parish representative to the Committee of Safety. The place of residence of John Savage II during the war is not documented. He compiled no records outside of Ninety Six/Edgefield District until he moved to Richmond Co GA in 1797. 16 Oct 1775. Memorials filed on the same day: George Savage: 100 [sic: both the plat and the grant say 1000 acres] acres in Craven County on a branch of Fergusons Creek, waters of Tyger River. Bounded S on William Rivers. Survey certified 27 Feb 1775; granted 9 June 1775. Quit rent in 2 years. James Wofford, DS. [2-418:4] William Savage: 1000 acres in Craven County on small branches, waters of Tyger River. Bounded NE on David Crow; NW on William Floyd and unknown. Survey certified 1 Mar 1775; granted 9 June 1775. Quit rent in 2 years. James Wofford, DS. [2-419:3] [Significance: no petition for land was recorded in the name of a George Savage, but numerous petitions for 1000 acres each were entered by William Savage, by his business partner James Simpson, and by the two of them together. This particular 1000-acre tract, memorialized on the same day as that in the name of George Savage, was also on Ferguson's Creek in Spartan District, Greenville Co., as were several of those issued to James Simpson and to Simpson & Savage. This is one of several circumstances that link George Savage to William Savage, and suggest that George was his eldest (if not only) son.] 7 May 1776. Petition to Commons House of Assembly for Relief Because of Stamp Act. Signers included Maj. William Savage (merchant of Charleston). 4 Jun 1776, Indenture (SC document, copied in Natchez Court Records, Book C, pp. 80-1). Indenture between Tacitus Gaillard, of Berkley County, afsd. Provice, and Benj. Farrar and Isaac Gaillard of same; Whereas the sd Tacitus Gaillard from motives of friendship, love and kindness that he beareth for John Savage of the same place, and his family, and divers other good, just and valuable causes, that the said slaves may be worked, the stock of cattle and household furniture may be and shall be worked and employed and the profit to arise from their work and labour used and improved for the benefit of said John Savage and his family during his life, but so as not to be subject to his debts, the one-third part thereof to be delivered to his wife and the remainder equally divided amongst his children in manner hereinafter mentioned. Tacitus Gaillard deeds all the property to Isaac Gaillard and Benj. Farrar, on condition it be left for John Savage to use but not as his own and immediately after his death, one-third is to be given his wife, Anne Savage and the rest to his children, lawfully begotten. Signed Tacitus Gaillard. Wit: Francis Baker, Wm. Savage. Sworn to by Francis Baker before John Troup. 23 April 1777. 9 & 10 Sep 1776, L&R. SC Deed Book P-4, 469-73. John Savage of parish of St. Mathew, planter, to Tacitus Gaillard and Isaac Gaillard, planters, for £3000 SC money, tract at Ninety Six in Colleton County containing originally 300 acres but now supposed 390 acres, allowing ten acres more or less out of the original conveyance for the town lots, streets & public lands whereon the Court House and Gaol now standeth?adj. Robert Goudey, John Murray Esqr., conveyed by said John Murray to said John Savage 22 July 1767. John Savage (LS), Wit: Jacob Christopher Zahn, Isaac Deliesseline, Robert Lithgow. Proved 10 Apr 1777 before John Caldwell, J.P. for Orangeburgh District by the oath of Jacob Christopher Zahn. Recorded 20 May 1777. 12 & 13 May 1777, L&R. SC Deed Book T-4 (2 adjacent documents) pp. 225-9: William Savage of Charlestown, and Martha [Holmes] Savage, his wife, to James Holmes of ninety six District, planter, for £300 SC money, 300 acres in Granville County on a branch of the northwest fork of Long Canes called Hogskin Creek adj. land laid out for said James Holmes, original survey for one William Stevenson which said 300 acres was on 29 July 1769 granted to sd. William Savage. William Savage (LS), Martha Savage (LS), Wit: Susannah Lloyd, James Pritchard. Proved 13 May 1777 before George Sheed, J.P. in Charles Town District, by the oath of James Pritchard. Recorded 27 Sept 1777. pp.230-4: Tacitus Gaillard and Isaac Gaillard of St. Matthews Parish, Ninety Six District, planters, to James Holmes of ninety Six in district aforesaid, planter, for £2700 SC money, tract of land at Ninety Six in Colleton County in the first division from the great Survey, number 1, formerly run out for John Hamilton, Esquire, 400 acres but now supposed to contain 290 acres allowing ten acres for the division for the Town Lotts, streets, and public land whereon the court house and gaol now stand, adj. land of Robert Goudey now deceased, formerly property of John Murray, esquire, conveyed by John Hamilton to said John Murry who by deeds 21 & 22 July 1767 conveyed to John Savage of Ninety Six and sd. John Savage 9 & 10 Sept 1776 conveyed to sd. Tacitus Gaillard and Isaac Gaillard. Tacit's Gaillard (LS), Isaac Gaillard (LS), Wit: Jacob Read, James Pritchard, Hugh Turpin. Recorded 27 Sept 1777. [Shows that John and William Savage own nearby properties, interact with same people, etc.] 23 & 24 Jul 1777, L&R. SC Deed Book B-5, 539-542. John McWilliams of Amelia Township, planter, and Elizabeth his wife, to Jacob Valk of Charlestown, Gentleman, for £1170 SC money, 500 acres in St. Matthews Parish, Berkley County, adj. land granted to William Holiday, Peter Burns, land surveyed for Tacitus Gaillard, John Savage, Esqr., and granted to said John McWilliams 26 July 1774?. 1778. William Savage, merchant of Charleston, died. His will was not recorded, but his executors Martha Savage (widow) and Thomas Bee (her brother-in-law) were handling the estate by Dec 1778 (see below), and still doing so over 20 years later. The William Savage (Loyalist of SC) who died in London in 1782 was evidently a different one, perhaps the attested-son William of John Savage (merchant of Charleston) who took refuge in London with son Benjamin after the war. The will of Martha Holmes Savage (died in Charleston on 5 Aug 1824) is recorded in Charleston Will Books Vol. 36 (1818-26), Page 1100; it is not abstracted at The document should mention her surviving children and/or grandchildren, should there be any. (Probable-son George Savage died in 1802, but left children. John Savage II of Edgefield could possibly have been a son of William Savage by a prior marriage, but could not have been a son of Martha Holmes Savage, born after 1760.) 17 & 18 Dec 1778, L&R. SC Deed Book G-5, 368-71. Martha Savage of Charles Town, widow and executrix, and Thomas Bee of same place, executor of the will of William Savage, late of Charles Town, merchant, deceased, to James Macckie of said town, cooper, for £10,275 SC money, lot on west side of Bedons Alley, the southernmost moiety or half of said lot adj. land late of Thomas Legare deceased, Thomas Bee, Esqr. Martha Savage (LS), Thos Bee (LS)? [Shows that William Savage died in/by 1778 in SC.] 1783. Col. John Savage (of 96 and of St. Matthews/Orangeburgh) died. Widow Anne Savage and her two daughters joined her parents (Tacitus and Anne Gaillard), her brother Isaac, her sister Margaret, her sister Elizabeth Gaillard Farrar, and her brother-in-law Benjamin Farrar in a move to the Natchez District, where all were attested in/by 1784. Tacitus Gaillard died in Natchez on 8 Nov 1786 (will in Natchez Court Records, Book A, pp. 305-8). Anne Legrand Gaillard died in 1788 (will in Natchez Court Records, Book B, p. 174). Anne Savage, daughter of John and Anne Gaillard Savage, had married Henry Willis in Natchez. She died in 1792, leaving two daughters. Anne Gaillard Savage, widow of John Savage, died in 1793 (will in Natchez Court Records, Book C, p. 75). Her sole heir and executrix (brother Isaac Gaillard was an executor) was daughter Mary, b. 1770, and unmarried in 1793. Mary married Robert Johnson of Natchez in 1796. On 29 Sep 1796, Mary Johnson/Johnston, "sole heiress to her father John Savage," sold 150 acres on Ninety Six Creek to Samuel Savage, planter (Edgefield Deed Book 13, pp. 484-5). She sold three other inherited tracts in Jan 1797, including the 130 acres on Cuffeetown creek granted to her father in 1775 (Edgefield Deed Book 13, pp. 568-70, 570-71, and 618-20). On 9 Mar 1797, she was "widow Mary Johnson of the Natchez" when she sold additional Edgefield land (Edgefield Deed Book 17, pp. 14-16). By 30 Sep 1797, she had second-married William Conner "of Abbeville County", and they sold an additional tract on Cuffeetown Creek in Edgefield, also an inheritance from father John Savage (Edgefield Deed Book 22, pp. 145-7). They removed to Natchez, where Mary owned additional properties inherited from her mother. William Conner and "Mary, his wife, late Mary Savage" had 1200 acres certified in their name on 22 Jul 1805, after demonstrating that Mary was the sole heiress of her mother (Natchez Court Records, Land Claims Book F, pp. 460-64, Claim No. 1863 and 1864). [Significance: John Savage II of Beech Island, Edgefield Co SC and Richmond Co GA, was not the son of John Savage I of Ninety Six, even though he was a resident of the elder John's home from the 1760's.] 24 Sep 1786. George Savage married Margaret Osborn. Margaret (b. 1770) was the daughter of Thomas Osborn(e) and Catherine Tookerman of St. Philip's Parish (Beaufort SC, but the western boundary was considered to be as far west as southern Edgefield Co during the 1760's). The marriage is well-documented (two wills, a Rev War pension application, and a family Bible). The first child of George and Margaret Savage was William Savage, b. 9 Nov 1787. On 13 Dec 1775, William Savage [merchant of Charleston] and Thomas Osborne had jointly witnessed the deed of John Haly of St. Philip's Parish, where George Savage later lived adjacent to his father-in-law. While there is no absolute proof that the George Savage who witnessed a deed for Beech Island neighbors-and-relatives of John Savage II in Edgefield in 1793 was "this" George Savage (presumed-son of William and Martha Savage), there is no evidence that a second person named George Savage ever lived in 18th-century SC. George Savage died intestate before 11 Jun 1803, when his widow Martha was mentioned as administratrix of the estate. 21 Aug 1787. Edgefield Deed Book 1, pp. 48-51. Benjamin Harris & Sophia, his wife, of Augusta GA to Casper Nail, Jr. of Edgefield Co SC, for 125 pounds, sold 200 acres, adj. Casper Neal Sr. & David Zubly, granted said Benjamin Harris 21 Jan 1785. S/ Benjamin Harris, Sophia Harris. Wit: George Bender, John Savage, who swore by oath before John Sturzeneggar. 1 Jun 1789. John Savage II of Edgefield Co SC married Elizabeth Nail in Richmond Co GA. Elizabeth Nail's birthdate, per her census entries in Richmond Co GA in 1820, 1830 and 1840, was between 1 Jun 1770 and 31 May 1780. She was listed as the youngest child on the 29 Oct 1772 SC (Edgefield) will of her father Daniel Nail. This narrows down her year of birth to 1771-2. Daniel Nail was born Daniel Nägele in Teufen, Ausserrhoden, Appenzell, Switzerland, on 24 Apr 1728. His family was among the first settlers of New Windsor Township, who joined the expedition of Capt. John Tobler in 1736/7. They sailed on the ship Prince of Wales and arrived in Charleston SC on 1 Feb 1736/7. Three unmarried Meyer brothers?Michael, Leonard, and Ulrich?were on the same ship. One of them became the father of Barbara Meyer in SC. Barbara married Daniel Nail in ~1760. Her own will, filed in Edgefield Co in 1796, lists her daughter Elizabeth as wife of John Savage. The 1790 Edgefield census shows 2 additional men aged 16+ in the household of John Savage. They may have been sons by a previous marriage, other relatives, or unrelated persons. One of them was "probably" the William Savge (b. 1770<80) who lived very near the documented eldest son (Daniel, b. 1794) of John and Elizabeth Savage on the Richmond Co GA censuses of 1820 and 1830. The known children of John and Elizabeth Savage included two daughters and two sons born between 1790 and 1807. The 1820 census entry for widow Elizabeth Savage indicates at least two additional minor sons who have not been identified in GA records. Elizabeth was appointed guardian of her youngest son, William B. Savage (b. 1807) in Richmond Co on 5 Mar 1823. The other two sons who lived in her household in 1820 were apparently no longer minors then. One was perhaps Asa Savage (b. 1800<1810), who established his own Richmond Co GA household by 1840, as did William B. Savage. The third (unidentified) son was not a resident of Richmond Co in 1830. 12 Oct 1789. Edgefield Deed Book 1, pp. 36-41. David Cunningham & Jane his wife, of Aberville Co SC to James Campbell of Edgefield Co SC for 24 pounds?sold 100 acres, originally granted 23 Jun 1774 to Joseph Drew?near waters of Handlies Creek (Henley's Creek is a northern tributary of Ninety Six Creek), adj?.John Savage now deceased? 10 Mar 1792. Edgefield Deed Book 7, pp. 112-17. Ann Zubly, (Executrix of LW&T of the late David Zubly Esqr., dec'd.), to Walter Taylor for 50 pounds, sold 248 acres being two tracts of land (1) 100 acres granted Hans & John Zurcher & transferred by L&R to Nicholas Shubdrein (in right of his wife, who being heir to said Hans & John Zurcher) unto David Zubly & adj. lands E by Hans Zurcher & N by Ulrick Egger (2) 148 acres originally granted Ulrick Egger & transferred by William Egger (son & heir to Ulrich Egger) to Christopher Smithers who transferred by L&R 27 Feb 1779 unto David Zubly. Said land when surveyed being in Township of New Windsor now Edgefield Co., adj. W on Zurcher's land, S Conrad Lutz & Ann & Elizabeth Meyer. S/ Ann Zubly, Executrix. Wit: William Stewart, Geo. Walker, George Savage, who swore by oath 10 Mar 1792 before John Sturzenegger, Esq., J.P. Rcd. 2 Aug 1792. [This is the single reference to George Savage in any Edgefield record. The only documented person by that name in 18th-century SC was George, son of William Savage, resident of St. Paul's Parish (Beaufort Co). The other names mentioned on this deed are all related to Elizabeth Nail, wife of John Savage II. The entry may possibly be a clerical error or a transcription error for John Savage.] 7 Aug 1792. Edgefield Deed Book 7, pp. 210-12. William Evans, Surveyor to Casper Nail, Junr., Planter for 100 pounds, sold 50 acres being part of 640 acres originally granted 15 Oct 1784 unto John Richardson and was conveyed to said William Evans by L&R 18 Sep 1790 adj. N & E by Casper Nail, Senr; W by Benjamin Harris & all other sides by John Richardson. S/ Wm. Evans. Wit: John Savage, Geo. Bender, who swore by oath 4 Sep 1792 before Richard Tutt, J.P. Rcd. 4 Sep 1792. 20 May 1793. [Date of attestation, rather than date of original document.] Edgefield Deed Book 8, pp. 119-23. 11 Dec 1767: Patrick Dooly & Ann, his wife of Ninety Six SC to Maknerness Good, Planter of same place but late Virginia, for 5 pounds, sold 300 acres originally granted 20 Aug 1767 unto Patrick Douly on Ninety Six Creek in Barkley Co SC adj. lands by Moses Thompson & Colbert Anderson & Jas. Anderson. S/ Patrick Dooly, Ann (X) Dooly. Wit: Richard Allison, William Christie. I was also present & witnessed above signatures. S/ John Savage, J.P. Rcd. 20 May 1793. [This document shows that John Savage II, J.P. of Edgefield in the early 1790's, was present in the place where a deed was executed at Ninety Six Creek in 1767, and that he was old enough to read and to attest to signatures by that time. The legal records in Ninety Six/Edgefield never identify a John Savage as a Jr. or Sr., so there could not have been two same-named adults living there simultaneously. There was only one household in Ninety-Six District headed by a Savage as early as 1767. The document does not name the J.P. before whom the deed was originally witnessed. Two persons held J.P. commissions in the region of Ninety Six Creek at that time: John Savage I and his near-neighbor James Mayson. Young John Savage II was necessarily a resident in one of those households in order to recall the signatures on a document to which he was not a party.] 25 Feb 1794. Edgefield Deed Book 9, pp. 464-68. Martha Savage & Thomas Bee acting Executrix & Executor of William Savage, Merchant of Charleston, dec'd., to Samuel Mays for $100.00, sold 100 acres originally surveyed for Richard Allison afterwards granted to Sarah Stantenbough [sic: Sarah Holmes Stoutenburgh was the sister of Martha Holmes Savage], who conveyed to said William Savage being on half way Swamp. S/ Martha Savage, Thos. Bee, Exrs. Of Wm. Savage. Wit: William Anderson, who swore by oath 25 Apr 1794 in Newberry Co. SC before James Mayson, Esq., J.P. Rcd. 7 Jun 1794. 5 Jul 1794. Edgefield Deed Book 11, pp. 148-51. Casper Nail, Junr., Planter to John Savage, Planter both of Edgefield Co SC for 62 pounds, sold 125 acres, being part of original granted to Benjamin Harris late of GA & sold 21 Aug 1787 to said Nail & recorded in Book D pp. 48-51, 27 Mar 1790, in New Windsor Township near Beech Island adj. William Eavans, originally granted John Richardson, Casper Nail Junr., Casper Nail, Senr. S/ Casper Nail, Junr. Wit: William Eavans, William Skinholser, who swore by oath 5 Jul 1794 before John Clarke, J.P. Rcd. 10 Oct 1794. [Plat attached to this transfer includes a sketch of the home of John and Elizabeth Savage.] 23 Jul 1794. Edgefield Deed Book 12, pp. 612-15. Henry Hazel, to Edward Culbreath for 50 pounds, sold 185 acres originally granted 3 Apr 1786 to Benjamin Smith on Tarripin Creek of Saluda River adj. Samuel Savage? Jan 1796. Edgefield Will Book A, p. 96; Estate Packet: Box 43, Pkg 1792. Will of Barbara Nail (widow of Daniel Nail, mother of Elizabeth Nail Savage). Terms of estate as described in following distribution: 10 Oct 1796, Distribution of Estate. Edgefield (SC) Deed Book 13, pp. 305-7. Daniel Nail decd Estate Divided. Daniel Nail of Bush Island in New Windsor, deceased, by will directed his estate be divided between sons John, Gasper and Daniel and daughters Ann and Elizabeth. John being also dead, his estate was administered by George Miller who married Keziah his widow; his daughter Ann married and is now wife of Nathaniel Howell; Elizabeth is now wife of John Savage. Amicable division was made 20 March 1796. Wit Jona Meyer, Geo Bender, Jacob Zinn, William Tobler. /s/ Geo Miller admr Jno Nail. /s/ Casper Nail. /s/ Daniel Nail. /s/ Nathl Howell for self & wife. /s/ John Savage for self & wife?.[slaves] Cassander, Harry, Isaac, Agg to John Savage?. 17 Jul 1798, Deed. Edgefield Deed Book 16, pp. 8-11. John Savage of Richmond County, Georgia, to Daniel Nail Senr. £ [?], 125 acres bounded by land of William Evans originally granted to [obliterated] Richardson, Casper Nail Junr, Casper Nail Senr, being part of land originally granted to Benjamin Harris late of Georgia and conveyed by sd Benjamin Harris 21 Aug 1787 to Casper Nail Junr, and by Casper Nail Junr to John Savage. Wit [obliterated] Nail, [obliterated] Zinn. /s/ John Savage. Judge Joseph Hightower certifies relinquishment of dower by Elizabeth Savage wife of John Savage 13 [obliterated] 1798. /s/ Elizabeth Savage. Proven 13 Sept 1798 by Casper Nail; Joseph Hightower JCE. Rec 9 Oct 1798. May 18 1799. Columbia (northern part of old Richmond) Co GA Deeds, pp. 50-56. Anderson Crawford, Sheriff, for $400, sells to Capt. John Savage (at auction, property of Richard White), two Negroes, Nancy, an old woman and Grace, a girl. 1 Jul 1799. Edgefield Deed Book 16, pp. 74-79. Sheriff William Butler to Tolover Bostick. Sheriff Titles, 1 July 1799, at suit of Samuel Savage admr of John Higgins decd against Thomas Heron admr of Tacitus Guillard [sic: Gaillard] decd, sheriff seized land to be publicly sold to highest bidder at Cambridge; struck off to Tolover Bostick for £400 sterling, 400 acres originally granted to Andw Carthey, conveyed by his heir at law to John Savage Esqr decd; by him to Tacitus Gillard decd?. [Note: Sheriff William Butler was the son of Behethland Foote Moore (step-daughter of Samuel Savage Sr.) and Gen. William Butler; Thomas Heron was the son-in-law of Samuel Savage Sr., and apparently also the SC administrator for the estate of Tacitus Gaillard, the father-in-law of John Savage, rather than of Samuel Savage.] 28 Sep 1803. Edgefield Deed Book 24, p. 63. Samuel Savage, planter, to William Forbes Taylor, merchant, $1800, 782 acres on south side of Saluda River bounded NW by land of Michael McKee, SW unknown, SE by W Waggoner, NE by river, plat thereof made by James Robert Mayson deputy surveyor 14 May 1792. Wit Thomas Herren, Cullen Lark. /s/ Samuel Savage. Resurvey plat 14 May 1792 by Jas R Mayson D.S. shows wagon road to old town, road to 96, Tarrapin Creek. Justice William Nibbs certifies relinquishment of dower rights by Frances Savage wife of Samuel Savage 28 September 1803; /s/ Frances (x) Savage. Proven 28 September 1803 by Thomas Herren; Wm Nibbs JQ. Rec 26 October 1803. [Thomas Herren and Cullen Lark were the two sons-in-law of Samuel Savage and Frances Foote.] 15 Apr 1807. Edgefield Deed Book 29, p. 165. Samuel Savage of Abbeville District to Pleasant Benning, Deed of Conveyance, Fifteen hundred Dollars, one hundred seventeen acres on Savannah river between Scotts and Middletons ferries, also five hundred twenty seven acres formerly owned by Wm Tenant and conveyed by him to Hugh Middleton and bought by sd Samuel Savage at Sheriffs Sale 1 February 1806 to pay the widows dower of the sd Hugh Middleton. Wit Thos P Martin, Jas Cobb. /s/ Saml Savage. Abbeville: Justice Joseph Black certifies the relinquishment of dower rights by Milley Savage wife of Samuel Savage, 1 June 1808; /s/ Milley Savage. Abbeville: Proven 1 June 1808 by Thomas P. Martin; Jos Black JQ. Rec 25 June 1808. 1818. Samuel Savage (Jr.) and his wife Mildred/Millie Martin (widow of Hugh Middleton Jr.) left Abbeville SC for TN, then settled in north AL. Samuel Savage died in AL in Dec 1837; his son George M. Savage was executor of the estate. Samuel had been executor of the large Edgefield estate of William Forbes Taylor, whose heirs sued the estate of Samuel Savage for maladministration. The very-lengthy case of Taylor v. Benham, 46 U.S. 233 (1847) was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. [See] The Abbeville property on which the Savages lived prior to 1818 was in the neighborhood of Rocky Creek Presbyterian Church (Rock Church), just north of Greenwood SC, and adjacent to the properties of McLin/Mecklin and Gilaspy families. John S. Savage and his wife Ann H. Gilaspy, her parents, and her maternal McLin grandparents lived in the same Abbeville neighborhood by ~1825, if not on the same property. Census data for the family of John Savage II: 1790 SC Ninety Six District, Edgefield John Savage (in the Beech Island neighborhood, currently Aiken Co SC) 3 males aged 16+ (John and 2 men born prior to 1774) 1 female (Elizabeth Nail, b. 1771) 1820 GA Richmond Co (northern section, now Columbia Co GA) p. 209 D. Savage (Daniel Savage, ~1794 ? 1 Apr 1831, eldest son of John & Elizabeth); page not copied at HeritageQuest) p. 213 William Savage (page not copied; son of John Savage by previous marriage?) p. 223: Elizabeth Savage 3 males <10 (perhaps an error, since Elizabeth was age 49) 1 female 16<26 1 female 45+ (Elizabeth Nail Savage) 1830 GA Richmond Co p. 261 Daniel Savage 1 male <5 2 males 20<30 1 male 30<40 (presumably Daniel, b. 1794 (maybe!), d. 1 Apr 1831) 1 female 15<20 (wife XXX Smead) p. 263 William Savage 1 male <5 1 male 5<10 1 male 20<30 1 male 50<60 (William) 1 female <5 1 female 40<50 p. 287 Elizabeth Savage 1 male 10<15 (should be William B. Savage, b. ?1807?, d. 1860) 1 male 20<30 (?son? Asa?) 1 female <5 (a granddaughter?) 1 female 50<60 (Elizabeth Nail Savage) 1840 GA Richmond Co p. 293: William B. Savage 1 male 20<30 (William B. Savage, 1807 ? 1860) 1 female 10<15 1 female 60<70 (mother Elizabeth Nail Savage, b. 1771) p. 296: Asa Savage 1 male <5 1 male 30<40 (Asa) 1 female 20<30 [Note: names and dates for Daniel and William B. Savage are those reported in Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters?DAR, Vol. II, 1929, p. 126. The birth years published for John and Elizabeth Savage are both incorrect estimates. The accuracy of other data is uncertain; e.g., the birthplace of John and Elizabeth Savage, and of their three oldest (known) children is reported as Richmond Co GA, during times when the family was well-attested in Edgefield Co SC. The 1807 birthyear reported in that source for youngest-son William B. Savage is particularly unlikely, given that three successive censuses state that he was born in 1810<1815. It is merely the nearness-of-residences of William Savage and Daniel Savage in 1820 and 1830 that suggests that they may be half-brothers (and that William may have been one of the men 16+ in the household of John Savage II in Edgefield SC in 1790): there is no documentation to support that. Similarly, the nearness-of-residences of Asa Savage and William B. Savage in 1849 suggests that they "may" be brothers. A presumably-unrelated Savage family (Loveless/Lovelace, etc.) had been living in that region since the 1750's, but they did not live in the same small neighborhood together, as did William and Daniel Savage in 1820 and 1830, or Asa and William B. Savage in 1840. The nearness-of-residence is not proof of anything, merely suggestive.]

Recent Y-DNA testing has found a match (prior to 1800) with the line of William Savage (b.~1790) of Tarboro (Edgecomb county) N.C.

I agree that it is useful information to find a "DNA cousin" born ~1790 in Edgecombe Co NC. There were at least two, probably three, separate Savage families living in Edgecombe-and-Martin Co NC in 1790-1800. At least two of those had VA origins (Surry Co and Nansemond Co VA), as the Edgefield SC Savages reportedly did (at least, Samuel Savage Sr. was supposedly from VA). You will have checked your Edgecombe NC census listings for 1800 to see which of those Savage households had at least one boy under 10 (named William) as of 1800. John Savage and widow Tazy (Dazy/Daisy?) Savage were listed adjacent to one another, each had one boy under 10. Loveless Savage and Warren Savage also had a single boy under 10. Those two were brothers, and members of the Surry Co VA Savage family with lots of repeated Roberts, Charleses, Lovelesses, Warrens, Brittons, Sherrods, Sterlings, Kinchens, Absolams, etc. One of the many Loveless/Lovelace Savages became a Baptist minister in Keokee (Wilkes Co GA), then Columbia Co GA, left a Columbia Co GA will in 1812. He had Edgefield Co SC "connections", if not residence, because he was ordained by the Rev. Daniel Marshall (from NC) who founded Horns Creek Baptist Church in Edgefield, then moved across the river to GA in 1771. That batch of "Loveless-prone Savages" were from Surry Co VA, then Edgecombe Co NC, some went to SC and GA--they were among the "rich Savages", although not as rich as the "Savages of New England" who went to Charlestown SC fairly early. I didn't see an identified descendant of the Surry VA line on the public yDNA reports from the Savage family project. Maybe there's a reference in the members-only section. I've tracked down the children of John Savage II and Elizabeth Nail. Their only children were named Daniel, Ann, and Samuel Burney Savage. No John S.! (Besides which, they lived in Richmond Co GA in 1800, not in Edgefield Co SC.) Besides John Savage II, there were only two Savage men with any trace of a record (census, deed, will, tax, Equity Court, County Court, etc.) in Edgefield Co at any point in time between 1790 and 1810. Those were Samuel Savage Sr. (whose only son was Samuel Jr.) and Samuel Savage Jr. (whose John was a John Tacitus, called "Tacitus", b. 1820<25 in Lauderdale Co AL, died there before 1840). So how did John S. Savage manage to get "recalled" as having been born in ~1800 in Edgefield Co when there wasn't anybody there to have him? John S. Savage didn't personally report where he was born, since he died before 1850. James A. Savage reported (very consistently) that he was born in SC, as he surely was. People do not actually have personal recollections of the day of their birth, report "what they've been told". On 19th century censuses, the reported state of birth was sometimes "the state of which I have earliest childhood memories" or "the state I've been told that my father's family was from". That is not necessarily the same thing as a state of birth. Methodist minister William H. Crawford (1822-64) reported in the obituary that John S. Savage was born in Edgefield District SC. The Rev. Crawford did not know that personally, having never been to SC, but reported what he had been told, either by John S. Savage or by his family. Individuals were sometimes mistaken in reporting their own state/year of birth, and children were frequently mistaken in reporting the state of birth of either or both parents. Even when the children agreed on a parent's state of birth, they might fail to agree on which county! In the case of John S. Savage, daughters Eleanor Savage Atkins (1880 Madison Co MS) and Anna E. Savage McElvany (1880 Pontotoc Co MS) agreed that their father had been born in SC. James A. Savage (1880 Winston Co MS) reported that he had been born in SC, but his father had been born in North Carolina, which is, at least, possible. There's another corner of SC that happened to send several inter-related families to Winston Co MS (many via Shelby Co AL), and that's Greenville Co SC--which had a VA-to-NC Savage family in it, at least briefly. VA-born William Savage had a son John in 1775 in Granville Co NC, his 1777-born son William variously reported his state of birth as NC or SC, he was on the "Spartan District" SC Jury List in 1779, and was listed on the Greenville Co SC census of 1790 and 1800, then the family was off to Barren Co KY. This line of Savages from eastern NC to Greenville Co SC was distinctly Baptist, and remained so in Barren Co KY and points west, including very west (OR). The Savage family of Edgecombe Co NC with the repeating-names Loveless, Sterling, Britton, etc., was also very Baptist, including the ministerial relatives in Richmond/Columbia Co GA. The Scots-Irish Savage family of Union Co SC remained Presbyterian, at least through the 19th century. (One of them, William T., was a Presbyterian minister in Grenada and Pontotoc Co MS.) The near-neighbors of Baptist-William Savage in Greenville Co SC included the related Crawford, Shaw, Loveless and Bagwell families: Methodist to a man (or woman) in Greenville SC, Shelby Co AL and Winston Co MS. You probably need to look at the Savages of Laurens Co SC in order to find the Methodist ones! William and Elizabeth MNU Savage lived (and died) in Guilford/Rockingham Co NC; Elizabeth was a widow by 1784, living adjacent to Zebulon Savage (I). Zebulon Savage inherited at least some of the property of William Savage (Sr.), sold it to John Savage in 1784. Widow Elizabeth relinquished her dower to the Hogan's Creek property, deed witnessed by Thomas Savage. Zebulon I and Thomas Savage were in Laurens Co SC by 1790, and Zebulon I died there before 1810. A John Savage (who was not the trader Col. John I of Edgefield Co or the Irish Capt. John of Browns Creek/Union Co) purchased 235 acres on the Reedy River in Ninety Six District on 31 May 1784. The plat does not identify "which end" of Reedy River, which runs through Greenville Co then across Laurens Co into the Saluda River, but the names of adjacent landowners were those resident in Laurens Co. That John Savage either died or left SC before the 1790 census. Thomas Savage (22400) and Zebulon Savage (12500) were listed very near one another on the 1790 Laurens Co census. The residence of Thomas Savage (and of his three sons) is undocumented in SC after 1790. Zebulon Savage I (b. bef. 1755 in NC, d. bef. 1810 in Laurens Co SC) had two sons, Zebulon II (1779-1862 in Tuscaloosa AL) and William (b. 1784<90). Zebulon II and his family, including his son John Wesley (b. 1801) relocated to Tuscaloosa Co AL after 1830, some children were later resident in Wayne, Monroe and Pontotoc Co MS. William Savage (son of Zebulon I) moved to Abbeville Co SC before 1830, where he lived near the households of this two oldest sons John and Galaton/Galanton. They too moved to AL after 1830 (St. Clair, Tuscaloosa and Pickens Co). Zebulon Savage I, of Guilford/Rockingham Co NC and Laurens Co SC, was neither the father nor the grandfather of John S. Savage, b. ~1800 in SC (or NC!). The names of the children and grandchildren of his apparent-brothers Thomas and John (sons of William and Elizabeth Savage of Rockingham Co NC) are not documented, nor is their state/county of birth and/or residence(s). Even if the documents of the Laurens Co SC Savage family had not specified that the family was Methodist (which they did), the recurring son-names of John Wesley and Asbury would have made that clear. After I received the copy of the Richmond Co GA will abstract for John Savage II of Edgefield SC, and saw that he could not have been the father of John S. Savage, I added more census references from lcoations where he "might" have had family. Anne once mentioned to me that she considered the Guilford region of NC as a likely family origin. I suspect that she is correct, and John S. Savage may even have been born in NC. It is a fact that the Rev. William H. Crawford believed-and-reported that John S. Savage had been born in Edgefield District SC. This does not make it an accurate report of his "actual" state-or-county of birth. Harriet

UPDATE: 3/19/2014

Hi, Jim. I just noticed that your DNA test now has two close matches, and the ancestry of the matches traces to Robert Savage, who arrived in Surry Co VA in 1682. I also noticed that two descendants of Ensign Thomas Savage of Jamestown/Accomack Co VA are yDNA study participants (S-25 and S-35). Both are in haplogroup I2a, which completely rules out any relationship to Thomas Savage, Carpenter, of Accomack Co VA. The latter's haplogroup is R1a1a, which split from the I haplogroups over 8,000 years ago. There is always a possibility of a gap in documentation of a pedigree, but any two men with different haplogroups cannot be related to one another, not even remotely. One frequently-reported aspect of the traditional history of Ensign Thomas Savage (Jamestown/Accomack) is the identification of his wife Ann/Hannah as the daughter of Capt. Edward Tyng. A few people have noticed the anomaly, and I found one WorldConnect site that relocated Boston to England in order to reconcile the problem--that won't work! Hannah Tyng was born to Capt. Edward on 7 Mar 1639/40 in Boston (Suffolk Co) MA and christened there. She married Capt. Habijah Savage on 8 May 1661 in Boston. After his death in Barbados in 1668, she married Daniel Gookin Jr. Hannah Tyng Savage Gookin died in Cambridge MA on 28 Oct 1688, and her tombstone in the Old Burying Ground (Cambridge) remains legible. She was born two generations too late to have been the wife of Ensign Thomas Savage of Jamestown. However, most traditional family histories contain at least one error of this magnitude. I have noticed several examples of confusion about, e.g., the location of counties. There are multiple cases of births or deaths reported for "Edgecombe Co SC" or "Edgefield Co NC". It is often not possible to discover whether the mistaken recollection referred to the name of the county or of the state. The mention of Edgefield Dist. SC in the obituary of John S. Savage may be yet another transposition of Edgecombe NC, given that both of the "DNA cousins" of John S. were from Edgecombe NC. Here's the abbreviated ancestry (by generations) of your yDNA cousins:

  • I. Robert Savage, d. 1698 in Surry Co VA; wife Ann MNU
  • II. Loveless Savage I, d. 1729 in Surry Co VA; wife Sarah MNU
  • III. Loveless Savage II, d. 1769 in Edgecombe Co NC; wife Mary MNU
  • IV.A. Robert Savage III, d. 1790 in Martin Co NC; wife Elizabeth MNU
  • V.A. Robert Savage IV, d. 12 Mar 1796 in Edgecombe Co NC; wife Rhoda Savage (of Charles II)
  • VI.A. William Savage, b. 1780<90 in Tarboro, Edgecombe Co NC, d. 17 Oct 1849 in Hickman Co TN; wife Penelope Grimes [Descendant of William Savage, Savage yDNA sample S-10, haplogroup R1a1a, genetic distance from John S. Savage is 1 on 25-marker test--closely related]
  • IV.B. Charles Savage II, Edgecombe Co NC, will signed 4 Jul 1789, proven Nov Court 1794; wife Ann MNU
  • V.B. Thomas Savage, b. 1770<80 in (Edgecombe Co) NC; d. 1830 in Robertson Co TN; wife Elizabeth Owen
  • VI.B. Thomas N. Savage (1 Mar 1819 - 28 Jul 1874, Robertson Co TN); wife Nancy Wilks Baggett [Descendant of Thomas N. Savage, Savage yDNA sample S-59, haplogroup R1a1a, genetic distance from John S. Savage is 1 on 25-marker test--closely related.
    Descendants of William Savage and Thomas N. Savage (second cousins to one another) are identical on 25-marker test.] Thomas Savage (the Carpenter) of Accomack Co VA is also a member of the common haplogroup R1a1a, but is not related to the line of Savages of Surry Co VA and Edgecombe Co NC. Thomas the Carpenter is a genetic distance of 10 from John S. Savage, and a genetic distance of 9 from William Savage (d. 1849) and Thomas N. Savage (d. 1874). I think that we're getting closer to your John's family, although his father remains unidentifiable. Harriet